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Makers of Phoenixville – Cameron Peters Floral Design

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 “To bring a smile”

Meet Cameron – the owner of Cameron Peters Floral Design!

Since childhood, Cameron has had an interest in floral arrangement. In fact, displayed in her shop is a photo of her as a toddler arranging flowers in a basket. She grew up on the Main Line before moving to Phoenixville in 2009.  Cameron began her career in floral design by answering calls, asking questions, and looking at pictures. She continued to work in floral management for the next twenty years always having the dream of opening her own shop in the back of her mind.

In 2017, the moment Cameron had long awaited arrived. On May 27th she opened the doors of Cameron Peters Floral Design off of Bridge Street. When looking for a retail location, Cameron says the strong sense of community and collaboration among business owners along with the small town feel drew her to Phoenixville. When she saw the space, she knew it was right.

After opening her shop, Cameron immediately submersed herself into the Phoenixville community attending events and as the president of the Phoenixville Area Business Association. She says she is “proud to be a part of Phoenixville.”

From weddings to events to prom to special occasions, Cameron services any and all flower needs. She describes her style as unique, garden-inspired and for “anyone who loves the outdoors.” When designing her bouquets, she leaves tasteful space between flowers for each to show off their unique features and colors. Creating an arrangement is like a puzzle Cameron says – an intricacy of various colors, shapes, and sizes.

Unlike many other florists, Cameron has a stem bar inside her shop. Next time you are in Phoenixville swing by to pick up a couple of flowers for a vase at home or to add to a bouquet. Not sure how to arrange them? You are in luck! This past year Cameron has begun teaching classes from succulent design to arrangement courses.

Part of her attraction to floral design is the variety. Each season she offers different floral arrangements and varieties. Although the flowers change seasonally, some of Cameron’s all-time favorites are ranunculus and tulips, “having a mind of their own”.

Beyond florals, Cameron also sells a variety of hand-selected unique items from local small businesses such as candles, seed bonbons, and charlie tiles.

Check it out Cameron Peter’s Floral Design here!


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