"Life is meant to be a vibrant, deeply felt, growing mosaic of meaningful moments. It is to be a grand, fully engaged and unconditionally committed love affair with our daily experience."

Cyan shutters flank every window on the two story home atop the grassy hill. The steep driveway leads to a small garden bed bursting with fuschia azaleas in front of a weathered white porch. Hanging from one of the large trees dappling the front lawn, a rope swing sways in the gentle breeze. This is where I grew up - Phoenixville, PA. With my father running his own business and my mother homeschooling my older brother and me, my childhood was far from “usual.” I loved it! We spent our days learning outdoors studying animals that meandered through our yard and sketching the changing leaves on the maple trees.

Curiosity and creativity defined my early learning - studying the springtime berries and observing the morning doves or robins nesting in the holly bushes. Before I could write, I would narrate intricate stories to my mother. However, not all learning was fun - every student knows you can’t escape math class forever. I made it through, but I have to say, I was more attracted to the arts.

Photography fascinated me at an early age of five when I was gifted with a broken camera as a toy. And that's where my interest in photography first began. Over the next few years I discovered the family video camera (let’s hope I deleted all those videos) and my dad's Cannon PowerShot s410. I filled memory cards with everything from bouncy balls in the backyard to extreme close ups of my pet guinea pig.

However, being an active always-on-the-go kid, I did not have the patience to learn all the "complicated stuff." So, I set aside photography for awhile.

Then in ninth grade, I spontaneously did a photoshoot with a friend at Valley Forge National Historical Park. That is when my portrait photography journey truly started, pursuing it as more than just a hobby but a business! Since then, I have been hooked!